Five timeless fashion tips

The world of fashion can sometimes be a minefield, with a very thin line between getting it right and getting it wrong. Let’s take a look at five timeless tips to enable you to get it right time and time again:

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1. Reveal skin strategically

Being sexy is all about knowing what and how much to bare and what to conceal. Mystery can be very important and it is advised that you choose just one part of your body to reveal; for example, if you wish to show off your legs, keep your top covered. Many celebrity dresses reflect this.

2. Buy more than one white shirt

This staple item is very popular and goes so well with jeans or skirts; even better, due to its versatility, it can be worn again and again. It is a good idea to buy at least three white shirts; avoid over-bleaching, which can create yellowing; and regularly refresh this item in your wardrobe.

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3. Use bright accessories

If you have a wardrobe full of neutral colours, such as navy, camel, grey or black, boldly-coloured shoes or bags can make them come alive. If you are feeling really brave, you could choose shoes and a bag in differing colours, such as bright red and vivid purple, against a neutral base.

Celebrity dresses with these contrasts are popular, such as the AX Paris celebrity dresses range. According to the BBC, celebrity fashion endorsements are very popular, with many of us looking to celebrities for inspiration in this area.

4. Make sure your trousers are the correct height for your shoes

A lot of women make the error of wearing trousers that are not the right length for the shoes they are wearing. To rectify this, hem to flats or heels. As a general rule, hems should graze the top of the shoes and be between half and three-quarters of an inch off the ground.

5. Go hands-free for the evening

A bag with a chain can be very dressy and will enable you to use both hands to hold your cocktail and canapes. It also gives you a cool look. The best effect is captured if the chain is worn diagonally across the body.

Always remember to enjoy fashion in addition to bearing the above tips in mind.