7 unexpected looks to try for a British summer

The evenings are now lighter and summer is well and truly in the air. It’s time to start re-assessing whether your wardrobe matches the new season’s atmosphere. The catwalks were full of new trends, encouraging us to switch up our style. If your wardrobe needs a clean too, here are 7 ways in which to make it jump into the new season:

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1)      Pair a Prom dress with leggings

The leggings add some much needed warmth in uncertain british temperatures and the selection of Prom Dresses provides a dash of style which can be sourced from businesses including https://www.axparis.com/collections/prom-dresses/. Add heels for a catwalk look that’s ready to wear.

2)      High-low mix with a tracksuit jacket over a slip dress

If the slip dress is too revealing for you, or you’re concerned about the air temperature, overlay a track jacket to add a sporty twist.

3)      Rock the double earring

If you’ve gone to the effort of double piercing, make a statement with a pair of similar colour or similar style earrings – one of the easiest ways to demonstrate a little panache.

4)      Maximise a mesh shirt

Mesh shirts were a huge catwalk trend but can be challenging day to day if you’re not used to being on display- pair them with a button down to make them wearable.

5)      Bring the evening to the day

Add an evening top to more casual jeans to bring a glamorous edge to your everyday style. You could opt for womens designer jeans.

6)      Socks with sandals?

Yes really! This is one trend that isn’t going anywhere, Combine lurex socks with glamour sandals for a look that is more fashion than retro. Even Vogue agree with us!

7)      Fish out your fishnets

Dress your fishnets down with cropped trousers and trainers for an edgy style statement that means you don’t have to restrict them to the bedroom.

Don’t just take our word on the new trends. Check out what style gurus Elle have to say:


Summer has begun and it’s not difficult to adapt your existing clothing staples for some extra verve. Take advantage of our style hints and you’ll add an extra bounce to your fashion step in no time!