What Looks Good on You? 

The most important question is the question of what looks good on you—not what looks good on your friend, what looks good on a model or what looks good on strangers who you see on the street. Articles of clothing do not look the same on every person. Differences in features such as height, weight, skin tone, hair style and body proportions can affect how an article of clothing or accessory looks.

Just because an article of clothing or accessory is trendy or a symbol of status, that does not mean that it will look good on you. Shallow people may judge you positively if you wear a piece of clothing or an accessory that’s trendy, but that doesn’t mean that you look your best wearing it. Another thing to consider is that you should not dismiss an article of clothing or an accessory just because you think that you are “too old” to wear it. If you really like something or feel comfortable wearing it, you should just wear it. The article of clothing or accessory might really compliment your appearance. Saying “I’m too old enough” can close you off to a world of possibilities when it comes to stuff that looks good on you.

Also, you should not be shameful to wear something just because you have some sort of medical condition or wear an object that eludes to a medical condition. For example, do think, “Oh, this is going to look silly with my medical allergy wristbands,” or “Oh, this is going to look silly with my back brace.” Wear what looks good on you, no matter what your medical condition is.

Less is More

Sometimes, when it comes to accessories and clothing, less is more. Wearing few to no accessories may be a whole lot better than being glitzed up to the max. Also, minimal styles of clothing may be more appropriate when it comes to what flatters your appearance. Sometimes ruffles and pleats have their place, and sometimes they do not. Perfume is the type of accessory that you should especially be careful with. Some people are very sensitive to smells and appearing to reek like perfume is a good way to tarnish your own appearance. Smelling strongly of perfume or cologne is a good way to repulse a lot of people.

When it comes to showing skin, showing less skin may do more—or wearing less clothes may do more. It really depends on the context of the situation that you are dressing for. When it comes to jewelry, sometimes what one person likes is what another person doesn’t like. This is also why less is more.

The Mood of the Situation

Think about the contexts of the situations that you dress for. If you are going to a party where people are dressing up in flamboyant outfits, then sparkles, bright colors and rainbows may be the right choices for your style. However, if you are going to a business meeting, you are most likely going to look like a flamboyant pariah.