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Signs that Your Septic System has Problems

Septic systems for waste water treatment are mostly used in rural areas or for homes that cannot use public sewage due to their large property lots. Waste and waste water are then stored in a septic tank where they sit and are broken down. When water and solid waste are separated, the solids stay in the tank to be broken down and decomposed by bacteria. The waste water then goes out from the tank and passes through drain fields and then out back to the ground where is then undergoes that same natural water cycle.

We don’t know what goes inside the septic tank since they are underground. If you experience sewage back-ups, then that is one sure sign that your septic tanks is failing. If your toilets and drainage are draining very slowly, then this is another sign of septic system failure. If there is backed up lines, clogged lines or odor coming from your septic tank, then this means that there is something wrong with it. If you notice surface water on the drain fields, then this is a sign of clogging somewhere from the septic tank to the drain fields. There are times when these issues just seem to go away on their own. But these signs tell you something that you should not ignore. This should make you wonder why and try to find out what is wrong.

If you avoid or neglect septic tank maintenance, the system can fail. Failure in your septic system is a threat to the health of your family and your neighbors. All the waste materials goes to the environment and compromises it. Bodies of water like streams, lakes, and groundwater will be exposed to pollution. And, if your septic tank fails, then you are in for very costly repairs.

Septic tanks should be cleaned when the warning signs appear. You should not pump out septic tanks and it also costs much. If you have not maintained your septic tanks, then you don’t have to worry as long as you being to treat them now so that the problems can be reverse and future problems can be prevented.

Since it is bacteria that breaks down the solid wastes in your septic tank, then you only need to maintain these bacteria to have your septic tank maintained. For immediate results, you only need to flush aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in your septic tank in order to replace the dead and damaged ones. if you want to clean out the waste in your clogged lines, then you should use special treatment products that contain thousands of new bacteria and enzymes that you can pour on your drains or flushed. This will reduced odors drastically and surface water almost immediately.

To avoid septic system problems, you need to do septic system maintenance.

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