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Crawl Space Insulation versus Your Insulation Specialist

While there are positives to having crawl space insulation, there are certain things you need to be aware of as a homeowner. If not installed in a professional manner, as the insulation is continuously exposed to high humidity levels, incessant rodent gnawing, and water surges, the protection that your crawl space insulation promises to give you will drastically decrease. If any of these problems do occur though, don’t hesitate to call your local insulation specialist so that they can help you against the perpetrators.

Liquids, such as water, is an all too common ailment for your insulation that often results in bringing forth mold, mildew, and other health hazards for you and your family. If your house is in a location where there is a high chance that it will come into contact with water, such as with storms, there is the strong possibility that moisture will invade your home and do damage to your insulation. Such instances of water damage can come from rain storms and/or flooding. With a professional insulation specialist on your side, they will be able to create prevention measures that will protect your insulation against oncoming moisture.

If an insulation specialist isn’t around to ensure that crawl space insulation isn’t applied well or if the proper type of insulation isn’t being used, then a lot of your insulation problems will arise. With crawl spaces located in vents, everything should take place between the floor supports, water pipes, and in the vents themselves. A professional insulation specialist will explain to you all the steps they will take while saving your protected crawl space, including how they will work it into the perimeter walls. If you happen to have standard fiberglass insulation, this will pose another problem towards moisture and mold since it holds in liquid. But if your insulation specialist spots this problem, all they would need to do is fix it by replacing it with a spray foam insulation that will prevent any further moisture from infiltrating your house.

Another thing that your specialist will look out for is an uncovered and pest riddled insulation space. In order to create proper nests and store their food, mice and rats will use fibrous insulation to meet their needs. Unfortunately, while the rodents are making a home in your fiberglass insulation, they are causing health risks for you via their urine and fecal matter. Also, while your spray foam insulation will keep the rodents away, they are still are risk due to the ants and termites who will try to dig their way in through the material. The problem can be solved quickly though if your insulation specialist is able to locate insulation products that contain materials that will be safe for you and repelling for the insects.

If your crawl space insulation is showing signs of wear and tear, the protection that it had provided you is coming to a gradual halt. The wear and tear is commonly a result of excessive removal and change as homeowners update their homes. An insulation specialist might also be needed if the insulation sags away from their floor supports.

A Quick Overlook of Insulating – Your Cheatsheet

A Quick Overlook of Insulating – Your Cheatsheet